Friday Fun Flight in my new Cherokee

This is a quick video I made of just having fun with my new toy about a week after I brought it home to KCJR.  Since then I’ve been mostly concerned with sprucing up the interior.  It used to be an occasional trainer that was well maintained by the owner who is also a CFI and an A&P.  Keeping it mechanically sound and airworthy were his main concerns but sadly the interior and panel are extremely dated.  As of this writing, I’ve had the panel fascia taken out, repainted and repaired, recovered the seats and have run the wiring and installed a permanent iPad mount.

Next on the list is replacing the floor carpet that is in really sad shape.  I’ve removed the rear seats but kept everything intact so they can be easily just bolted back in.  The rear seats and cargo area carpet is still servicable so I think I’ll just place a protective mat over the whole area and call it good.  Since it really will be mostly a cargo area, I’m not going to be picky about the appearance back there.

All of the door panels are also in dire need of replacement.  The pilot’s side isn’t too bad but the copilot’s side is falling apart.  Amazingly as bad as the door panels are the door seal is still in very good shape except for a minor repair near the floor.

It’s all slow going right now with it being summer, and there are other more fun things to do than work inside a cockpit in Virginia where we have virtually no wind and some days are 100 degrees with 100% humidity.

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