Ammo Box Power Supply

This was a quick project made mostly from stuff I already had.  I had seen the small plastic ammo boxes at Walmart but never really needed one since I prefer the larger 50cal metal cans for storing ammo.  In any case I built a Stratux ADS-B receiver that required more current draw than what my RavPower power bank could supply.  Rather than buy a newer one and run into the same problem knowing these are designed for charging phones and tablets, I decided to just build a supply from items I already had besides the ammo box and switches.  It’s basically a 12v scooter type battery with a switch bank that can energize the USB and 12v outlets individually.  The battery is friction fit inside the ammo can and the switch plate is screwed onto the front of the can and rewired to turn the outlets on individually.  There are probably lithium power packs that can accomplish the same thing that are lighter and smaller, but this solution is drop dead reliable and made from easily obtained items from Amazon and Walmart.

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