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Stratux AHRS Android App under development

Okay so here’s the problem.  I started using Garmin Pilot because I didn’t have an iPad and it seemed like the best option at the time (about two years ago).  Yes, I know there are lots of other options that … Continue reading

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Warrenton to Ottawa in Under 10 Minutes

Due to terrible winter weather all across the northeast over Christmas it just wasn’t possible to fly.  Well it was but I didn’t want to spend untold hours unburying the plane or getting stuck waiting for conditions to improve when … Continue reading

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Goofing off

We were supposed to go to Ingalls Field but ended up just goofing around near the airport.

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Stratux for Newbies

A couple months ago I cut together several short instructionals on building and setting up a Stratux ADS-B receiver.  It doesn’t get into the weeds about building since it’s as simple as buying the parts and putting them together.  Most … Continue reading

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Critters in the Cockpit

A few days ago I opened the side cockpit door of my Cherokee 140 to find bird poop on the seats, floorboards and even some on the glare shield.  At first I assumed something got through the hole for the … Continue reading

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Paxcess Power Bank

I was really how well this power bank performed on a recent four-day camping trip out in southwestern Arkansas.  It powered my CPAP machine all four nights for six to eight hours each, partially charged my phone one night and … Continue reading

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Ammo Box Power Supply

This was a quick project made mostly from stuff I already had.  I had seen the small plastic ammo boxes at Walmart but never really needed one since I prefer the larger 50cal metal cans for storing ammo.  In any … Continue reading

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The Great American Eclipse 2017 at West Carolina Regional

It was a long day of flying but worth it.  About three and a half hours there and another three and a half back over mostly mountains and some weaving around clouds to stay VFR but we made it there … Continue reading

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Akaso EK7000 4K Action Camera

I think my fascination with budget action cameras stops here.  Yes this camera does record in 4K but it’s not GoPro, Garmin, Sony, etc. 4K.  You really do get what you pay for and the video from those cameras is … Continue reading

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Our flight to Shenendoah

Dominique is still getting used to the whole small plane thing so for her first bonafide cross-country trip we flew out to KSHD Shenendoah, stopped to stretch our legs, then back home.  In hindsight somewhere a little less scenic might … Continue reading

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